La Clemarie - Breathing

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La Clemarie

Marie Daniels - voice  Clemens Orth - piano, voice

Since I met Marie in 2013 the musical collaboration has always been inspiring, full
of colors and surprises both musical and personal. Her non-affected and natural
way always opens the space for musical transparency and clarity. Particularly in her
own compositions her warmth, elegance and sophistication is shining through in
a very intense way!
As an accompanist it´s bliss to create colorful piano parts that support the vibe of
the songs, the lyrics and her singing – blending them together – often underlined
by vocal harmony parts, mouth percussion or beat box sounds. Far beyond styles
and musical niches “la clemarie” is melting together the best elements of words,
songs and sounds...enjoy listening to “breathing”.
Clemens Orth, September 12th 2016

"wind is still, whisper's loud,
air fl ows in and out,
heart is calm, mind is clear,
loose your sense for fear"

recorded march 21st and 22nd 2016
@ Salon de Jazz, Cologne
produced, mixed and mastered by Clemens Orth
Cover Design by Marie Daniels and
Jumana Hamandouche
Photo by Gerhard Richter

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