Clemens Orth Trio "BEP"

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BEP - Bilateral Exchange Program

Ross Pederson - drums

Sam Minaie - bass

Clemens Orth - piano

Today i´m very happy that i can successfully terminate a new recording of my Piano Trio. As a little homage to my German/American "bilateral" life the last bunch of years i decided to name the Trio after it which features New York based drummer Ross Pederson and bassist Sam Minaie. Ironically we did not record in New York which one would probably expect but in my own studio facilities in cologne. Since Sam, Ross and I were working on different projects right before the "jamboree" we decided not to waste any precious time on rehearsals - so we just recorded some of our favourite standards, some originals of mine and freely improvised parts based on spontanious ideas and sketches. No wonder the music turned out in a very fresh, inspiring and lyrical way that after first listening i had no doubt this would become a new release!

Lay back, enjoy listening and come out to see us live on stage in the near future :)

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