Clemens Orth Trio "Nevermind 1991-2011"

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dear listener, Now, 20 years after Nirvana came up with its revolutionary "nevermind" album, I'm sitting at my piano in New York putting some arrangements together using 12 of the 13 songs (except the hidden track) of the original album as source material. A friend inspired me to do this after he had heard a version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that I've recorded already 10 years back on my album "Silhouette Ascending". I still remember the time when I first heard the tunes in my teenage years, watching the crowd banging or dancing to the music, having a good time - the impact of this music has not changed. Dazzling ecstatic impacts by Cobain's singing- underlined by innovative chord progressions- made Nirvana unique. I hope that you enjoy listening to my interpretations, stylistically variable and often with a batting eye [;)] thanks to Silvio and Joscha for an inspiring recording session. Clemens

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